Orcs X Release Date

We attempt to release Orcs X – Mid. January 2018
OrcsX marketing David Zobrist Danilo Hoffmann


Increasing the Quality of my App Portfolio

I reached my 40th launched app within under 2 years, a lot of learnings have been made since the first titles. And some of them do not longer stand the quality that I want to represent and also don’t perform significant enough to leave em within my app portfolio. So its time to delete some apps in order to improve the overall quality of what my name (David Zobrist) stands for.

The first Apps which will be permanently removed are:

The Sha Man
2013: My very first launched app as indie game developer

The Sha Cat
2013: The Rpg game I put months of love into it..it did not work out..its time to say goodbye

Stone Age – Survival Hunter
2013: One of my earliest arcade games

1 Cruise
2013: Geometric endless runner game

Fresh Road
2014: A childish reaction on the big success of my apple featured app Three Points

2014: A simple reaction game

Long Tongue
2014: Simple snap the flies arcade game

23 Points
2014: A reaction based math game

A Turtle Race
2014: Funny idea but kind of crappy excuted

2014: Trippy Stuff

Booze Tower
2014: Tapping shooting something..

Six Points 
2014: Color Matching with geometric shapes, Three Points is the big one so this one can go

Four Points
2014: Same.

Five Points
2014: Same.

Alpha Breaker
2014: Graphics nice gameplay not excited well enough

Ace Tennis
2014: Second collaboration with Sabba Keynejad, who I made Pewdiepug and Three Points with

Soar to new heights
2014: A cooperation with Jon Poischen for a game salad competition. We have another game, Human Harvest which has a lot of potential this one tough can go..

Rest in Peace.

Pay per Game update via Patreon

orcs patreon david zobrist

You can now support future Orcs Updates via 

I need your help to continue with the weekly updates for the game Orcs. Adding new Quest and Features.
Your pledge will make it possible to create these updates and make the game better and better.

How does it work?

+You will decide with how much you want to support Orcs, this amount is pledged for each Update that goes live.
+You also can set a maximum so you are sure you don’t pledge too much.

Upcoming Changes and new Gaming Apps

Upcoming Games:
I am holding myself busy, bringing you some exciting things over the next couple months.

+PewDiePug Update with Edgar (update)
+Orcs Quest Update -End of May (update)
+Secret New Game Release – End of May (new app)
+Secret New Game Release – Middle of June (new app)
+Secret New Game Release – End of June (new app)

Big Thanks to Gamesalad

1 year 8 months

This is the time I know create games for living, alone from my home, lien in my bed doing what I love most, create video games.
Gamesalad enabled this path for me, together with it’s active community and tutorials by @tshirtbooth @The_Gamesalad_Guru which delivered key resources for a fast learning process (1 month full time).

As everyone here I had to learn the hard way, launching plenty of apps which where unnoticed and only resulted in a couple of downloads. Forced to change and re-invent what type of games I create multiple times, finding my path by try and error.
I was many times doubting myself but always could ring down this thoughts with the simple believe that I get better each time I fail.

As I advanced new helpful persons crossed my way and with one of them, his name is Sabba Keynejad we created a simple game called „Three Points“ that got featured by apple over a full week Europe wide in the „Best New Games“ section. And another week in a few european countries as „What we are playing“ and „Best Indie Games“. Leading to 400.000 Downloads and ranking us on only 1 spot behind candy crush on the App Store, back than.

david zobrist three points karolina maria glijer

We did not know much about monetization and the game was free, the only advertising was an Apple iAD’s Banner Unit. Generating in this month around $ 1200, we sold a copy of the game to a marketer for $ 2000 which pushed his app even higher. (he called it Impossible rush)

Since we did not create enough money looking at the incredible amount of Downloads, it was time to overthink the way we make money in our apps. I spend a full month updating my back than 28 Apps with Chartboost interstitial Ad units. Which performed from day 1 well. Unfortunately we were no longer featured.

Calculating backward we could have made extra $ 12.000 to $20.000 if we would have had the chartboost Advertising in the game from the beginning. But thinking like this is poisonous, so I moved on.

Sabbe Keynejad and myself create a game called PewDiePug, two months before the success of Three Points and the Pug game started to take off and this time we were prepared to make money.
It did by far not reach the Download volume of Three Points but it pays my bills since over 6 months, brining it constant cash which I share 50/50 with my partner.

pewdiepug david zobrist game

Getting a grasp of what people want and an improved Art Style learned by Sabba Keynejad I created my most recent title called „Orcs“. It is the one game that keeps Players in the longest up to 4 hours straight can be seen in the analytics. And it monetizes therefor the best so far, beside of not having the traffic of Pewdiepug.

david zobrist indie game developer money

Also players keep the app and wait for updates, they became loyal fans which is the greatest what can happen to your Indie Game. It’s great to know that people look forward to your next update and brings back that feeling you are really looking for when making games, it feels purposeful, you make them happy.
David Zobrist

Full time Indie Game Developer Revenue

Backstory quick
So a quick update how it looks financial for me. As maybe some of you guys now I was supported 6 months with a „Gründungszuschuss“ from Berlin at the start of my career as Indie Game Developer. Which was basically almost the same money as I was working full-time. What ever its already 1 year and 3 months later now and I’m still a full time Indie.

My Gaming Apps
I got 26 live apps on iOS, 30 on Android Google play and 30 on Amazon Store. 90% of them created this year, 2014.
The main money comes through 2 of my 26 live apps.  Which are Three Points, which was picked and featured by apple and PewDiePug a game that gets insane ratings and constant downloads due the strong fans/Bro’s of PewDiePie.

My capital + Income Stream
I started to make a monthly income which after splitting 50/50 with my creative partner Sabba Keynejad
is comparable with a internship salary(400 Euro a month). I got an extended „Gründungszuschuss“ of 300 Euro until March 2015 on top. My original start off money of 6000 Euro has been declined to around 2500 by now.
The rough 700 Euro will now probably make me stay around 2000 to 3000 Euro with my current expenses.

I got featured with Three Points back than but I only had in there iAD Banners which made out of 330 000 Downloads and over 1 million expressions rough 1000 USD. We took a big learning and added Chartboost which would have generated around 7000 USD on top if we would have had it in. All Apps now got both, some of them have an extra option to remove advertising for a in-app purchases of 0.99 USD. Even tough our overall Downloads have been reduced drastically since the apple feature past there is now a solid income stream etablished. (since the last 3 months)

Chartboost statistics iOS
(2.5 months)
ios revenue

Chartboost statistics Android
(2.5 months)
android revenue

The biggest Hope
The second game is our biggest hope so far, If Pewd’s Bro’s can make him play the game on Youtube this would eliminate all money worries quickly. PewDiePie was back than one of the main reasons Flappy Bird became the success it is/was.

Trying out some Marketing

So far I did post on several social media channels, PR agencies, this blog, deviantart and made youtube gameplay footage of my games. I tried admob, invested 100 Euro all in one day with CPC(cost per click) of 0.10 USD it made 800 more downloads over 2 days. Which was pretty ok already, additionally I’m now in contact with a big marketing player, which currently checks whats the best way to give my apps some more attention. Let’s see how this all works out.