Update 8.12: Step 2: Save and Load your game

Crystal key Orcs Promo
+Server Saving is here! (Cross-Platform)
You can now Save and Load your Game Progress between your Devices. So even if you uninstall the game, your saved Progress remains.
(Premium Feature requires Orcinator)
+1 Crystal Quest added: Egg Chamber
+Crystal Mining: Extra Orc added after reaching lvl 50 (+Pick axe sounds improved)
+Extra Orc added after Crystal Quest +=3
+Extra Orc added after Crystal Quest +=4
+Gameplay Tweak: Crafting now starts on a Bonus Score + Difficulty based on your progression on this color. (max. 30)

Big thanks to Adrian Gomez (for server coding help)

iOS AppStore:

Google Play AppStore:

Amazon AppStore:


A big milestone for me

A big milestone is coming to an end.
The Cloud Saving/Loading Feature is a totally new thing for me, I never worked with Servers before. It looks all good just tweaking a few last usability things.

This new Feature and the regular Update will be live mid. next Week.

Chop Chop,
Chieftain Dave

patch screen



Creepy just won Game of the month- Gamesalad Community

The software I do use to create my mobile games is called game salad.
And each month they pick the winner of their game of the month contest.
This month my latest launched mobile game title called „Creepy“ won the race 🙂

Yippie! 🙂

More here:
creepy game of the month gamesalad david zobrist

„Creepy“ handed over to apple and google play

The game is in the review process of apple and google play now.
It also will be in the Amazon App Store, all version arrive at the 12.12.2015 for each platform.

I collected a bunch of feedback from the open play session via the game salad arcade link below. If you want to try the game before the official launch get your hands on today as I remove it from the public by the end of the day.



PewDiePug Edgar Work In Progress

Working on a small but highly anticipated! You will finally have the second dog in your PewDiePug mobile Game.
Once the Facebook Goal of 6500 Likes is reached he will arrive in your game and you will be able to select him through the left star menu. You will be able to switch between the two pugs with a simple click.

pewdiepug pewdiepie brofist games ios android maya edgar  Working on PewDiePug Edgar

The Amazon Store Version will have Edgar already today in a couple of hours.

Let’s talk statistics

I didn’t post my app statistics since way back when I released Sha Cat. As you may have read I changed my approach after that game and went for a lot smaller apps. Throwing 3-4 Apps out a month for the last 3 Months.
Using iAds and maybe 1 simple in-app purchase to monetize.

The first one was Bumpy Ball which already performed much better than all my apps before. And I took my learnings but couldn’t really re-apply them for a several apps after.

I teamed up with Sabba Keynejad a very talented technology/trend designer.
And we created the one app which is by far the most successful app I released.

The App had around 5000 Downloads within the first two days, all natural, there was no Marketing except the regular posts through my social media channels. ( Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Facebook, Deviantart, Pinterest)

David Zobrist pewdiepug

It even managed to get into the iTunes roleplaying top 10 in Estonia, and went into the top 100 in 32 other countries. Unfortunately the iAd failed to appear on time so we did not create any money within this time.
I couldn’t take that and switched it to paid. Which immediately kicked us out of all reached positions and decreased the downloads dramatically (-90%). It basically killed all natural growth.

A half week later the ads where there.. So I switched it back to free. It did came back up from 10-20 daily downloads (paid time) to 200-300 Downloads a day.

But it obviously had lost it’s magical boost. Since the last two week it remained like this but we patched it and the changes went live the last week. We basically created a pop up to rate the app and give the player in-game points for doing so. This small change had a dramatic effect. We received around 110 fresh user rating in the last 5 days, most of them beeing 5 of 5 possible stars.  We are right now trending back up, which is really exciting.

pewdiepug game ratings david zobrist

The loop of getting more players through the nice ratings and turning them into active game raters through the pop up seem to run incredible effective.

Pewdiepug Charts iphone David Zobrist

I know for sure I will never switch an app to paid again, no one pays now a days and it kills all growth.
I’m right now really happy that we got this second chance.
Let’s see what the week brings us!

Big thanks to Gamesalad – A great tool!

I decided to take the time and just write what positive experience game salad was/is for me.
gamesalad david zobrist

(click on the pic for the link)

The simplicity but also diversity of how game salad can be used is just great.
The Documentation via the Cookbook is really helpful and covers all required big questions. The Community is super helpful. The forum is highly active and everyone tries to help. All in front some key figures or game salad celebrities witch help out with great knowledge about the tool and the industry in general. The Gamesalad team tries its best to comes up with new updates that make me excited like a little kid.

With my age of 28 years by now I finally became able to fulfill my dream and create a variety of games and share it with people and even make some money out of it. I just wanna say a big thanks to the game salad team and the community.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Dave

Just extended the Gamesalad membership

All the games I shipped so far for the iPhone, we’re created with a software called Gamesalad.

Website: http://gamesalad.com
„Create Games Rapidly Drag & Drop, No CodeGame Creator“

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 09.51.44

I just had to activate the pro membership which I had for free the last 3 months since there was a special deal I participated.

But now I had to buy it in order to continue doing my games. So let’s hope I make this 299 Dollar back in the next months :=P