Big thanks to Gamesalad – A great tool!

I decided to take the time and just write what positive experience game salad was/is for me.
gamesalad david zobrist

(click on the pic for the link)

The simplicity but also diversity of how game salad can be used is just great.
The Documentation via the Cookbook is really helpful and covers all required big questions. The Community is super helpful. The forum is highly active and everyone tries to help. All in front some key figures or game salad celebrities witch help out with great knowledge about the tool and the industry in general. The Gamesalad team tries its best to comes up with new updates that make me excited like a little kid.

With my age of 28 years by now I finally became able to fulfill my dream and create a variety of games and share it with people and even make some money out of it. I just wanna say a big thanks to the game salad team and the community.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Dave


2 Gedanken zu “Big thanks to Gamesalad – A great tool!

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering, did you pay for the pro version (300 USD/year)?
    Because with the free version you can’t publish your games to the google play store right?
    Or am I overlooking something?

    Thanks in advance!

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