Sha Cat Preview

The Sha Cat is coming! 

Slip into the role of the shamanistic cat lady and enter a bizarre world. Battle through a horde of creatures to save your kidnapped boyfriend which has been stolen by a granny.
Collect mushrooms to buy dresses which will make you more powerful. Meet friends along the way which will join you in your Battles.

-Skill based gameplay where every move matters!
-Master a set of shaman Spells which you unlock as you progress!
-Collect mushrooms and dress up your Cat! This will make her shamanistic power grow!
-Friendly creatures will join your side in battle.

Release: April 2014
Platform: iPhone and iPod

Sha Cat Action
Sha Cat Clothes
Sha Cat Story
Sha Cat Magic
Sha Cat Drama


Investing into building a Market Presence

Today I’ll start investing some money in the online presentation (amount of likes) of the Sha Cat Facebook Page and the young Youtube Channel.

Current statistic:
Facebook: 41 likes (page below)
Youtube: 120 views (video below)

Facebook Ads:
Starting to use Facebook Ads with very specific target audience
13-17 year old Girls from Germany which like candy crush, iPhone, cat and games.

1day/8 Euro
6 days/48 Euro

=108 Likes per day estimated

Youtube Ads
A specific picked video of mine will be featured via Google AdWords.

7.38 Euro per day = 450 views per day estimated
6 days / 44,28 Euro

Total cost this week:
92,28 Euro

Let’s Check the results by end of the Week.
Best regards,