Orcs X is here!

iPhone 5.5 @2.6x 1080x1920.pngOur new Home, a solid Base for future Updates.
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Nilo and Dave
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Orcs Update 8.16: Details and Flair

orcs gif mines crystals

+Crystal Mines: Mining Cart added after Quest +=7 (+5k crystals per cart)
+Island 1: Meat is now also created while you are on other locations
+Island 2 Music Theme and Orc on a Boat added after building the first Scout Tower
+Island 2 Fisher Orc and Meat Pot added after the Fisher House is created
+Island 1 Halls of mastery: Added a cleaning Orc as decoration ( Wounds +=6)
+Balancing: Island 2 Wood boxes amount increased +200%
+Small Bug fixes and Tweaks

Thanks to Max Zięba for translating the store description into Polish

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Update 8.03: Crafting.. Takes a while!

+Crystal mines Quest 7 added: “There is something down here..”
+Purple Craft-able added, Your Spear Lady now “Charges up Crystals” on her “Power up” attacks, which adds a second wave for Shaman Crystals if used within 8 seconds
+Golden Crafting added – but no craft-able yet! You need >=400 blue crafting for it.
+More Game section now links to Creepy instead of Pixel Mage (play both)
+Bug fix: Shield Aura was not visible in some Mine Quests,fixed
+Tweaks: Blue Craft Circle Flow changed
+Tweaks: Craft-able Page stylised background added
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