Painting a fish

My newest work. I’m content wise now in 2/3 of what I want to have for the game release in April. The story will not be finished within the first release version, the idea is to patch the next levels right after it’s out. (1-2 weeks) And keep on going, creating this cute fantasy world.

Consistent Presentation and in the World Wide Web

The cat has made a big leap in „cuteness“, I managed to make her face much rounder and cleaner. This will be the final version of her I’m pretty happy how she looks now.

I aligned all Marketing Channels now to represent „Sha Cat“ only, leaving my first game project „The Sha Man“ back and giving the stage to the Cat.

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I don’t have websites so far, I keep on using Facebook pages for all my products. For the first app back then I used Facebook Marketing (ads), which I will not do this time. Since you get a lot of likes but these „people“ do not really interact with the page content, so I have my doubts about their real existence.

I’m looking forward for a lot real people.

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