iPhone 6 – More elegance and quality

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Apple is just about to announce the new iPhone 6.
What does that mean for us developers?

New resolution – Go High Resolution
So first of all its really cool they left the same Screen ratio. So there will not be any black bars on your existing apps when played with the shiny new device.
But all our current apps will be devalued, since they look low res, unless you create a „HD“ new iPhone 6 version of it. Which for me would mean to update 20 apps..

Update SDK’s of partners
Also if you use external services like Chartboost Advertising, you will have to get the newest SDK and update ALL of your games with it installed, again 20 apps (+20 apps on amazon).

More Quality – Less Crap
Apple has plenty of apps in their store by now. So they are not interested in any new App and reserve their right to reject apps, the ones which do not deliver any new value or just look crap.
That’s good there was a lot of crap.
But also it will it make it more frustrating and harder for new people to join the app game.
I’m happy I started doing this in the good old days, 1 Year ago.

David Zobrist App Developer

The iTunes Connect Account looks now much cleaner too, I like it a lot. Waiting desperately for the new iPhone 6 now!
Gonna make some great stuff for it!




App Store Optimization: App Name= Use A, B or C

Released 12 App’s until now. Through my experience I learned that you achieve much more initial downloads if you use an alphabetical early letter like A,B or C – they get up to 4 times more downloads on the first day then apps starting with a letter later appearing in the alphabetical order. Numbers are the worst.

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Moving Forward – Learnings of the „The Sha Man“

So I officially stopped investing time in promoting The Sha Man(iTunes) and see it as a first step which I had good learnings off.
It will stay in the Developer Portfolio in iTunes. So when ever I create a Success It will benefit from that and maybe get some Attention too.

The new project
Here a list of what I will do different and what I will do the same.

What I will do again:
I will be using Gamesalad to develop the Game and take 3-4 months developing time.
I will do my own Graphics, Sounds and Music and the same Core Gameplay again.
Marketing wise I will create a Twitter, Facebook Page and contact Youtubers for Gameplay Videos since I see them as an existential minimum if you want to be successful in the online world.

What I will do differently:
The Game will have a clear understandable level by level Progression Layer not as detached from each other as I had it with The Sha Man. As a new addition the Game will have a simple Narrative structure to give Player additional Motivation/Reasoning to progress. Overall I will go for a less „nerdy“ Game Setting and go a little bit more into the girly direction. I will change from full Price Game to In-app purchase model including an In-game Currency.
The end of the game will be left open for more Content, so I can patch new Content and over longer time create a News stream which I can push through Marketing Channels.

The next Game will get a real website, a one Page Website for the Game, like a business card with all links (iTunes, Blog and Social Media) this enables to practice search Engine Optimizations.
My Girlfriend has taken over a lot of PR Work and has created lists with cooperative press Partners. And another list where you can get cheap paid Reviews. We will send Promo Codes and Information to the press 2-3 Weeks before Release this Time. Additional I got a Tip of a Gamesalad Community Guy which suggested prMac for Marketing which I also will use.

More Details I will post here soon!

The Sha Man

I was developing and meditating a lot the last 3-4 months, the Result is a Mobile Game called The Sha Man.
It went through a lot of Iterations during the developing Process. I changed Setting/Locations from a underground jail to a colorful Jungle, over painted Graphics millions of times, cutting Game Features out of the Game even if already perfectly running.
The Sha Man
Its time to clean your soul! The Sha Man is coming!
Slip into his role and battle through a horde of inner Demons. Good reaction and well timed actions are needed for success. 

Demon after Demon appears in front of you. Block their spells and use the available time in-between to get your own attacks off. Unlock Mini-Games by reaching the next Goal Score. Solve the Mini Games to get more Spells for your Shaman.

Gameplay Footage

-A window to a colorful unique World
-Defeat the shamans crazy inner Creatures
-Pure Skill based gameplay every move matters
-Master a set of Magical Mini-Games
-Learn new Spells and become more powerful

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