The Sha Man

I was developing and meditating a lot the last 3-4 months, the Result is a Mobile Game called The Sha Man.
It went through a lot of Iterations during the developing Process. I changed Setting/Locations from a underground jail to a colorful Jungle, over painted Graphics millions of times, cutting Game Features out of the Game even if already perfectly running.
The Sha Man
Its time to clean your soul! The Sha Man is coming!
Slip into his role and battle through a horde of inner Demons. Good reaction and well timed actions are needed for success. 

Demon after Demon appears in front of you. Block their spells and use the available time in-between to get your own attacks off. Unlock Mini-Games by reaching the next Goal Score. Solve the Mini Games to get more Spells for your Shaman.

Gameplay Footage

-A window to a colorful unique World
-Defeat the shamans crazy inner Creatures
-Pure Skill based gameplay every move matters
-Master a set of Magical Mini-Games
-Learn new Spells and become more powerful

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