Finger Dungeon – More Soon

New Levels for Finger Dungeon in the making 🙂
Finger Dungeon New Gameplay

Finger Dungeon Update 1.1

First update for Finger Dungeon is going live today.
At least for google play and the amazon App Store, iTunes will get it 7 days later. (apple review time)

Finger Dungeon Update 1.1
+Ice themed Mazes
+4 New levels
+Minor Tweaks for level 14

Get the app here:

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My new Game launched: Finger Dungeon

My new little game Finger Dungeon went live! I loved working on this and I hope you feel that playing it.

It’s free and work on your mobile phone ( iOS, Google Play and Amazon)

Finger Dungeon Loop 480

Finger Dungeon is a one-touch game and your job is to hold your finger on the screen as long as you can.
Make your way through the currently 14 levels of the finger labyrinth.

As you reach new levels, new tiles and creatures will appear in the maze, so be careful and don’t look back.

How to play:
1. Keep your finger on the screen!
2. Do NOT touch the lava!
3. Collect the coins!
4. Reach the goal line to win!

Advanced Tips:
1. Levers open doors, so no need to risk getting hurt.
2. Avoid the fire projectiles of the cannons.
3. Use the cannon projectiles to destroy the finger-eating monsters.
4. There are shortcuts which you can use between unconnected lava tiles by moving carefully and quickly between their edges.

All I can do now is wish you good luck,
David Zobrist

PS: If this game takes off I will happily add more levels on a regular basis.