Chilling out in Poland

So Three Points reached 220 000 Downloads.
To celebrate that I traveled with my girlfriend to her origins, Poland!
We spend the first two days in Warsaw, the capital, at a friends place. Right now we moved more in the wilds to her parents home. Today we collected some mushrooms, we lied them out to dry. We will start to identify them tomorrow with the help of the internet.

Polen 1

Sha Cat Preview

The Sha Cat is coming! 

Slip into the role of the shamanistic cat lady and enter a bizarre world. Battle through a horde of creatures to save your kidnapped boyfriend which has been stolen by a granny.
Collect mushrooms to buy dresses which will make you more powerful. Meet friends along the way which will join you in your Battles.

-Skill based gameplay where every move matters!
-Master a set of shaman Spells which you unlock as you progress!
-Collect mushrooms and dress up your Cat! This will make her shamanistic power grow!
-Friendly creatures will join your side in battle.

Release: April 2014
Platform: iPhone and iPod

Sha Cat Action
Sha Cat Clothes
Sha Cat Story
Sha Cat Magic
Sha Cat Drama

Amanita Muscaria (flying agaric) a.k.a SuperMario Mushroom

Amanita Muscaria (flying agaric) a.k.a #SuperMario Mushroom is the currency in ShaCat. This fungus is wrongly associated with being deadly poisonous. In fact it isn’t, It’s close cousins are the deadly one’s and killed people which mixed them up. The Amanita Muscaria is a deliriant and was used for ritualistic purpose and consumed by berserkers before they went to a battle in order to boost their recklessness.