Pixel Mage Update 1.3

pixel mage david zobrist.gif
Pixel Mage 1.3: New Stuff
+Killed Goblins now give magic points
+The Game can be paused by double tapping the upper screen
+Tutorial Stone Statues added (teach pausing)







Pixel Mage Update 1.2

Small Update for the Pixel Mage.
Still think this game should get a bit more Love, i am happy with it but there is always things that can be improved.

So for now button size has been increased by 10%.



Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 23.54.40

Pixel Mage Trailer

Game will go live in the next hours on android platforms.
The iOS Version will follow up in 2-4 days.

Apple Appstore:

Google Play Appstore:

Amazon Appstore:
„These Goblins broke into my house, stole my Bunny. They made a mistake..“
Jump into the role of the Pixel Mage and embark on a journey to save your Bunny.

+Retro Platform Gameplay without jumping
+Fly and cast Spells Core Mechanics
+12 Challenging Levels to beat

Can you finish the game?

Struggling with the progressing

5/8 is done
I got a lot of mixed feelings about this one tough
its not as easy for me to finish somehow
I also wish I could share it with you guys via Arcade.
But the hmtl5 version is totally fucked up and doesn’t work at all.
It seems to handle a lot of behaviours totally different than the editor and mobile versions

I find myself a lot of time comparing the game to my last hit game „creepy“ and forcing this game to live up to it. Putting a lot of pressure on it.

Doing a lot of work and then deleting it again.
For example I had 2 levels already in coded where the wizard was young and followed the white rabbit in the magic temple to learn the cloud and fire spell.

I deleted it all because I didn’t like it.

Improved AI Battles for Pixel Mage

So the idea is to tighten up the AI and behaviours of the goblins the deeper you advance in the game.

Here is an example fight with one such improved AI.
(btw. the buttons are now dark gray purple, less focus on it seems to fit)

Whats going on here?

Archers will make barricades on both side each having 1 hp blocking the player and his proactive while letting the enemy arrow pass above

Blockers shoot a rope capturing you for 3 seconds making you unable to shoot or use the cloud if you fire at their shield

Chargers have a 33% chance to use a jump button and attack in the upper lane

Purple or Brown Buttons?

A buddy from the game salad community called „Socks“ suggested to try to make the Buttons more fitting to the wizard. So make them purple as he is.

Now the big question which looks better.
Which would you more likely want to try out and download spent thousands of dollars on.

Purple Buttons:
david zobrist.gif

Brown Buttons:

fight pixel mage

Pixel Mage Dev. Diary Update

Lost in Details. The last days I went over each level thousand times changed milliseconds here and there added small effects. It was hard tough to create new content it feels much better to polish existing content. Improving what is there instead making the stretch for something new which you might delete after you put several hours in. But hey back on track a new enemy type has entered Pixel Mage’s world. The Goblin wizard is the first enemy that threatens the wizard in the upper lane beside the Archers standing on barrels here and there.

fight pixel mage.gif

PS: This is now level 6! Half way through. As the game will have 12 levels as creepy had.