Purple or Brown Buttons?

A buddy from the game salad community called „Socks“ suggested to try to make the Buttons more fitting to the wizard. So make them purple as he is.

Now the big question which looks better.
Which would you more likely want to try out and download spent thousands of dollars on.

Purple Buttons:
david zobrist.gif

Brown Buttons:

fight pixel mage


6 Gedanken zu “Purple or Brown Buttons?

  1. to be honest I like brown because remind me the. wooden box, and I think that is like that the shiny purple color be only the wizard and be the color center in him, best regards my friend and I really admire your art.

    • Naja will die Apps simple halten. Habe darf momentan zwar Purple aber so desaturated das es fast grau is und noch ein bisschen abgedunkelt, die Controls sollten nicht so viel Aufmerksamkeit abstauben.

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