Make unity 3d profitable

Posted this 1 month ago into the unity forum hasn’t get much feedback / resonance.
This would require some development investment but would pay of tenfold, they could also buy a company like xsolla to speed that up. See the details in the image below or press the link to the forum post.

But their profits would increase dramatically with the current bear market and their stock beeing down to 48$ this is a huge wasted opportunity for them.
I would love to see them rise again and ever far beyond their current all time high.

Here the idea:

Specially for industries which currently do NOT have their own stores, like for example the health sector, this would enable them to also use in app purchases which currently they can’t.



Your game theme makes all the difference

Advertisers pay more to appear in games which audience is for them more relevant, more likely to join their game.
I experience a bitter demonstration of that right now and here are my two extrem cases.

Weekly Admob banner numbers:
Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 09.27.55.png

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 09.27.59.png

As you see creepy has around 13x times more impressions by players, is generally played more and longer.
But it only made $1.28 and Brofist Legend $4.01.

If Creepy would have the rpm of Brofist it would have made 51,40 this week.

I wonder if there is any chance to increase the rpm of a game retroactive.
But I am afraid its just depending on your theme and keywords.

But overall I am simply happy that we have that extra monetization channel now specially since Android games had no such option before. Its not gigantic but still noticeable and helps me definitely paying my bills. So thanks game salad for adding it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 04.47.07

I learned something so I shared it here,
Cheerio Dave

Creepy got its first in-app sale

my app made its first in-app sale, to remove ads, u choose 3 prices
the player just took the highest, thank you!

Still thinking for this one app to make 1/2 of the game free and the in-app a requirement to play the rest of the levels, instead of having this remove ad /donation approach.

creepy in-app sale first

This game so far unfortunately didn’t took off at all.
I credit it mainly that its very hard to find in the store I might invest time there in future.

Right now I just add more in-apps to all my traffic gaining apps to get more money per user. With positive result so far specially Human Harvest increased its ARPU x4 (now $0.08) Could be just early adapters from the already existing players must not mean new install would achieve the same result. But still I want all my apps to be able to monetise solid.
Else I have to kill em. ( O_O)

Chartboost Statistics 2015 – David Zobrist Indie Mobile Game Developer

So 2.5 Years as one man Indie Mobile Game Developer here is my most recent Statistic update.
I am kind of struggling for the reason that the money pretty much remained the same even tough the Downloads increased massively within the last couple months. It could be related to an overall lower eCPM or that the variety of shown ads isn’t that high at the moment so players are less likely to be interested and interact with the Ad Units. I also switched on interstitial videos instead just pop ups roughly in the middle of the year which co-created the newest highest peak of around $250 in one Day mostly 85% by the game Orcs. A number I would have liked to see more often 😛 But still it felt pretty exciting.

The Daily New Installs / New Players
A lot of them go to the Game PewDiePug which unfortunately isn’t the one with the highest ARPU.
David Zobrist mobile new installs 2015

The actually daily Money generated through the Chartboost interstitial pop ups and videos
David Zobrist Money Daily

Since I assumed the videos my reduce the amount of Boot ups since they are so hardly annoyed and this could be another reason for the not linearly rising daily income. But it isn’t also the Boot up look good compared to new Installs and history.
David Zobrist boot ups 2015

Full time Indie Game Developer Revenue

Backstory quick
So a quick update how it looks financial for me. As maybe some of you guys now I was supported 6 months with a „Gründungszuschuss“ from Berlin at the start of my career as Indie Game Developer. Which was basically almost the same money as I was working full-time. What ever its already 1 year and 3 months later now and I’m still a full time Indie.

My Gaming Apps
I got 26 live apps on iOS, 30 on Android Google play and 30 on Amazon Store. 90% of them created this year, 2014.
The main money comes through 2 of my 26 live apps.  Which are Three Points, which was picked and featured by apple and PewDiePug a game that gets insane ratings and constant downloads due the strong fans/Bro’s of PewDiePie.

My capital + Income Stream
I started to make a monthly income which after splitting 50/50 with my creative partner Sabba Keynejad
is comparable with a internship salary(400 Euro a month). I got an extended „Gründungszuschuss“ of 300 Euro until March 2015 on top. My original start off money of 6000 Euro has been declined to around 2500 by now.
The rough 700 Euro will now probably make me stay around 2000 to 3000 Euro with my current expenses.

I got featured with Three Points back than but I only had in there iAD Banners which made out of 330 000 Downloads and over 1 million expressions rough 1000 USD. We took a big learning and added Chartboost which would have generated around 7000 USD on top if we would have had it in. All Apps now got both, some of them have an extra option to remove advertising for a in-app purchases of 0.99 USD. Even tough our overall Downloads have been reduced drastically since the apple feature past there is now a solid income stream etablished. (since the last 3 months)

Chartboost statistics iOS
(2.5 months)
ios revenue

Chartboost statistics Android
(2.5 months)
android revenue

The biggest Hope
The second game is our biggest hope so far, If Pewd’s Bro’s can make him play the game on Youtube this would eliminate all money worries quickly. PewDiePie was back than one of the main reasons Flappy Bird became the success it is/was.

Trying out some Marketing

So far I did post on several social media channels, PR agencies, this blog, deviantart and made youtube gameplay footage of my games. I tried admob, invested 100 Euro all in one day with CPC(cost per click) of 0.10 USD it made 800 more downloads over 2 days. Which was pretty ok already, additionally I’m now in contact with a big marketing player, which currently checks whats the best way to give my apps some more attention. Let’s see how this all works out.