Creepy got its first in-app sale

my app made its first in-app sale, to remove ads, u choose 3 prices
the player just took the highest, thank you!

Still thinking for this one app to make 1/2 of the game free and the in-app a requirement to play the rest of the levels, instead of having this remove ad /donation approach.

creepy in-app sale first

This game so far unfortunately didn’t took off at all.
I credit it mainly that its very hard to find in the store I might invest time there in future.

Right now I just add more in-apps to all my traffic gaining apps to get more money per user. With positive result so far specially Human Harvest increased its ARPU x4 (now $0.08) Could be just early adapters from the already existing players must not mean new install would achieve the same result. But still I want all my apps to be able to monetise solid.
Else I have to kill em. ( O_O)


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