Sha Cat – Update 1.1

Sha Cat Patch 1Sha Cat Map
Sha Cat’s first update is here! Patch 1.1 extends the journey of magical Cat lady and leads her through a mystical forest and crystal dungeon to find a magical potion. A potion to cure her boyfriend from his stone form.

Download the game free for your iPhone:

What’s New in Version 1.1
– 8 New levels!
– Lightning Shock does now charge up energy from flam fists, which can be released in a powerful storm!
-The flower Dress and all above, now have a chance to summon a butterfly that heals your wounds.

Sha Cat Mystic Forest Sha Cat Butterfly

The story still ends open ended so stay prepared for Version 1.2!



Sha Cat on Slide DB / Indie DB / Mod DB

Sha Cat also got some attention in the hardcore player section and could even made it up in the daily top 10 of SlideDB.
To be listed next to mine craft is pretty stunning.

That’s great 🙂

For all of who which do not yet have played it.

Download the game for free for your iPhone now:


Sha Cat on

Today is Sha Cat’s launch day and I’m busy spreading the word I got some surprising support out of my twitter community and others that discovered Sha Cat.
The Game now arrived in the list of the Touch Arcade Live Stream, where they play fresh released games in front of an gamer audience. Touch arcade is one to the biggest sites when it comes to mobile gaming and this would be major if it appears in this Stream. So I let’s hope this works out.

There are already very positive reaction which bring joy to a developers heart.

Sha Cat Game Download Link:

Each free download supports the games visibility in the store, even more power have your comments and ratings, which you can give in the App Store.

Sneak peak of Sha Cat Update 1.1 (post 23rd April)

So the game is not yet out (23rd april) but there is already plenty of new content for the first game update (version 1.1) coming up.

I already painted new backgrounds for 8 new levels which will bring the cat lady in a tropical mystical area.

Here a first sneak peak:
I really love how the colors match up in the new levels. Additional to the 8 new levels of update 1.1 there will be also a new feature.

Tripod of Powers
The idea is that the tripod will become available after finishing level 5.
It will enable the player to learn combo spells and passive powers which will be triggered by chance in battles.
I’m not yet sure how it will work exactly but here have a first look.

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