Up to the climax

Sha Cat rushing to rescue her boyfriend. Will she make it?
Sha Cat


Sha Cat Preview

The Sha Cat is coming! 

Slip into the role of the shamanistic cat lady and enter a bizarre world. Battle through a horde of creatures to save your kidnapped boyfriend which has been stolen by a granny.
Collect mushrooms to buy dresses which will make you more powerful. Meet friends along the way which will join you in your Battles.

-Skill based gameplay where every move matters!
-Master a set of shaman Spells which you unlock as you progress!
-Collect mushrooms and dress up your Cat! This will make her shamanistic power grow!
-Friendly creatures will join your side in battle.

Release: April 2014
Platform: iPhone and iPod

Sha Cat Action
Sha Cat Clothes
Sha Cat Story
Sha Cat Magic
Sha Cat Drama

Gamemanifest – Diary 7 – Painting the Treasure Guard

The Treasure Guard is the first enemy in Sha Cat that has another skill then just taking and dealing damage. He goes enrage below 40% life and his damage becomes 3 times more. So you wanna have your shield ready when he drops that low and grows in size and power, which is the Treasure Guards last try to turn around the battle in his favor.

Sha Cat – Finished the first 8 Levels! :)

So I got done the first 8 levels for my Sha Cat Lady. Feels Good.
Here some Screenshots of the two Level select Screens, each containing 4 levels
which have to get progressively unlocked by winning levels.Bild 

The Plan
Until level 8 the game is totally free. In level 8 you arrive on a golden door, blocking your way.
You need the golden key for it, which you only can get by buying it, for around 1.99 Euro.
That’s basically buying the game or upgrading to premium. This will be the only time the player will experience a flow blocker in my game. But somehow I need to make money too.
I like food.