Chartboost Statistics 2015 – David Zobrist Indie Mobile Game Developer

So 2.5 Years as one man Indie Mobile Game Developer here is my most recent Statistic update.
I am kind of struggling for the reason that the money pretty much remained the same even tough the Downloads increased massively within the last couple months. It could be related to an overall lower eCPM or that the variety of shown ads isn’t that high at the moment so players are less likely to be interested and interact with the Ad Units. I also switched on interstitial videos instead just pop ups roughly in the middle of the year which co-created the newest highest peak of around $250 in one Day mostly 85% by the game Orcs. A number I would have liked to see more often 😛 But still it felt pretty exciting.

The Daily New Installs / New Players
A lot of them go to the Game PewDiePug which unfortunately isn’t the one with the highest ARPU.
David Zobrist mobile new installs 2015

The actually daily Money generated through the Chartboost interstitial pop ups and videos
David Zobrist Money Daily

Since I assumed the videos my reduce the amount of Boot ups since they are so hardly annoyed and this could be another reason for the not linearly rising daily income. But it isn’t also the Boot up look good compared to new Installs and history.
David Zobrist boot ups 2015

Let’s talk statistics

I didn’t post my app statistics since way back when I released Sha Cat. As you may have read I changed my approach after that game and went for a lot smaller apps. Throwing 3-4 Apps out a month for the last 3 Months.
Using iAds and maybe 1 simple in-app purchase to monetize.

The first one was Bumpy Ball which already performed much better than all my apps before. And I took my learnings but couldn’t really re-apply them for a several apps after.

I teamed up with Sabba Keynejad a very talented technology/trend designer.
And we created the one app which is by far the most successful app I released.

The App had around 5000 Downloads within the first two days, all natural, there was no Marketing except the regular posts through my social media channels. ( Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Facebook, Deviantart, Pinterest)

David Zobrist pewdiepug

It even managed to get into the iTunes roleplaying top 10 in Estonia, and went into the top 100 in 32 other countries. Unfortunately the iAd failed to appear on time so we did not create any money within this time.
I couldn’t take that and switched it to paid. Which immediately kicked us out of all reached positions and decreased the downloads dramatically (-90%). It basically killed all natural growth.

A half week later the ads where there.. So I switched it back to free. It did came back up from 10-20 daily downloads (paid time) to 200-300 Downloads a day.

But it obviously had lost it’s magical boost. Since the last two week it remained like this but we patched it and the changes went live the last week. We basically created a pop up to rate the app and give the player in-game points for doing so. This small change had a dramatic effect. We received around 110 fresh user rating in the last 5 days, most of them beeing 5 of 5 possible stars.  We are right now trending back up, which is really exciting.

pewdiepug game ratings david zobrist

The loop of getting more players through the nice ratings and turning them into active game raters through the pop up seem to run incredible effective.

Pewdiepug Charts iphone David Zobrist

I know for sure I will never switch an app to paid again, no one pays now a days and it kills all growth.
I’m right now really happy that we got this second chance.
Let’s see what the week brings us!

My App Downloads and Statistics

The whole purpose of this blog, beside of show case my app’s is to be transparent about my struggles and results of being an full time indie developer.  I’m on my own feet’s since  almost 6 months now and would not be able to live from the income, so far. Actually this month my founding will end and I will have to survive of my savings.
Never than less this will not make me stop. It’s an awesome time with big up’s and down’s which make me feel alive and gaining a lot of experience. Also a lot of awesome people start getting in in contact with me and seek for collaberations. So I’m just starting.

Let’s look at the total period downloads, which are fantastic 1500 Downloads!
Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 22.57.50

Obviously Sha Cat which I marketed the most is on the top of this list but right below follows Bumpy Ball, which had not marketing at all and was build within 3 days. Which is pretty insightful.

Let’s look about the strong peak points regarding downloads ( excluded The Sha Man, to weak and far off):
Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 22.57.28
The first hill around 23. April is created by Sha Cat and the one around 10. May by Bumpy Ball.

As you see even without marketing Bumpy ball had a twice time stronger launch effect as Sha Cat.
So I wondered, why?

I figured three things there:
Name -It’s a very catchy Name and it starts with a „B“ and as another designer just told me the „New“ List on iTunes is listed alphabetical. Very big point for future titles.
Time –  Saturday, the weekend day boosts the initial downloads much higher than any week day.
Simplicity – Not only the gameplay but more important the Art is simple. By not making it specific and keeping it more generic it scares less people from downloading it. It becomes a digital „Cheeseburger“.