My App Downloads and Statistics

The whole purpose of this blog, beside of show case my app’s is to be transparent about my struggles and results of being an full time indie developer.  I’m on my own feet’s since  almost 6 months now and would not be able to live from the income, so far. Actually this month my founding will end and I will have to survive of my savings.
Never than less this will not make me stop. It’s an awesome time with big up’s and down’s which make me feel alive and gaining a lot of experience. Also a lot of awesome people start getting in in contact with me and seek for collaberations. So I’m just starting.

Let’s look at the total period downloads, which are fantastic 1500 Downloads!
Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 22.57.50

Obviously Sha Cat which I marketed the most is on the top of this list but right below follows Bumpy Ball, which had not marketing at all and was build within 3 days. Which is pretty insightful.

Let’s look about the strong peak points regarding downloads ( excluded The Sha Man, to weak and far off):
Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 22.57.28
The first hill around 23. April is created by Sha Cat and the one around 10. May by Bumpy Ball.

As you see even without marketing Bumpy ball had a twice time stronger launch effect as Sha Cat.
So I wondered, why?

I figured three things there:
Name -It’s a very catchy Name and it starts with a „B“ and as another designer just told me the „New“ List on iTunes is listed alphabetical. Very big point for future titles.
Time –  Saturday, the weekend day boosts the initial downloads much higher than any week day.
Simplicity – Not only the gameplay but more important the Art is simple. By not making it specific and keeping it more generic it scares less people from downloading it. It becomes a digital „Cheeseburger“.


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