Game Design Lessons by Extra Credit

I love this show, they have been around for a while. In-between they lost track of their core strength of the not game title specific, high level game design tips and tricks. But they seem to be back on the right road and here are some videos worth checking out if you plan to develop anything from the bottom up.

Make Your First Game: Basics

Minimal Viable Product

Just extended the Gamesalad membership

All the games I shipped so far for the iPhone, we’re created with a software called Gamesalad.

„Create Games Rapidly Drag & Drop, No CodeGame Creator“

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 09.51.44

I just had to activate the pro membership which I had for free the last 3 months since there was a special deal I participated.

But now I had to buy it in order to continue doing my games. So let’s hope I make this 299 Dollar back in the next months :=P