Orcs Update for this Friday

Update 8.01: Tweaks and fixes
+The Doggy ability is now unlocked after defeating the Dog, so earlier and without any wood cost.(still requires the Archer)
+Enemy “Tree”: Is now also correctly damaged by the Doggy
+Enemy “Tree” Dmg and Hp decreased by -15%
+Crystal Caves Memory Mini-game now refills all broken pick axes if you clean the board.
+Orc Shaman Crystal Price increased by +100%
+Crystal Forging Color Crystal price increased from 1 to 10
+Bug fix: Flappy Orcs minigame orientation fixed
+Bug fix: Sometimes the Banner would show up for gold axe owners, fixed
+Bug fix: Crystal Caves Memory Mini-game was playable to early, fixed
+Bug fix: “Platform Login” now only triggers in the iOS version. could have led to crashes on start up
+Bug fix:Quest 11 re-made to remove a background blinking error
+Bug fix: Spear Lady had no Crystal Armor on the new island (+skin tweaks)
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Orcs 7.81

Update 7.81: in-between update

+Dangerous Mines Quest 2+3 added

+Increased “Survival” Cooldown from 6 seconds to 14 seconds

+Survival Cooldown Timer added

+Quest 9 got harder, added 2-3 more cursed generals

+Quest 11 Doggy Boss HP increased by +40%

+Crystal Mines: Audio option to turn off/on music added

+Bug fix: Crystal attack auto fired sometimes

+Bug fix: Quest 6+7+10+11 had white flashing/blinking backgrounds which was not intended

Update 7.76: Bug fix Session 1/4

Orcs keeps me busy.
Orcs cookieclicker ios android game

+Dangerous Mines: Fixed a bug where the quest would start on 0 instead of 1 and would not trigger a quest because there is no quest 0. It now changes the save game from 0 to 1 if it is 0.

+Meat Wagon Mission 3: Wood reward doubled
+Massive Balancing changes related to quest prices and boss Hp’s
+Bug fix: Twitter Button removed as it wasn’t working anyways, ..fixed!

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Orcs Update 7.6 (Just tweaking)

Tweaking Update:

+New Voice Overs: +12 Chopping Screen, +4 on the Meat pot, +3 Crystal Miner

+Tropical Island: Preparation (UI, basic space)

+Crystal Mines: New section added (Dangerous Entry, can not yet be entered)

+Final Boss Mountain King: No Spawns Arrows, making him a harder enemy

+Final Orc King Pic changed (see Facebook post)

+Proper Cutscene after Conquering the Island added

+Orc Warrior Prices for lvl 31 to 37 reduced

+Minor Tweaks and Bug fixes

Orcs: New Game Patch 6.1

New Game Version out
Quest series continues:
+1 Spooky Castles Chamber 3 has opened!
+Speed and Difficulty Tweaks on Spooky Castles Chamber 2 and 1
Chop Chop Screen:
+Bat added to the Orc Chop Chop screen as long the Spooky quest series is active
+Loading Bar for quests added
+After quest 9 internet is required to play, or having the golden axe will enable you to play offline.

Orcs: Spooky Castle Update Live

Orcs Halloween Update Castle Game ios android.png
Halloween Update 1:
+“Spooky Castle” the Quest Series has started!

“The red Orcs found a spooky Castle. They need your help to penetrate the depths of this castle. Your Archer will be very useful against the blood-sucking bats..”

+Meat Wagon mission and further communication with the red orcs added.
+New Reward! A red Orc Wood Carrier joins your Orcs as a gift from Chieftain Jon.

Its only the beginning!

More Soon,

Creepy Game Update

Hi everyone 🙂 It’s about time!

„We didn’t need the creepy Units any longer, they did what we programmed them to do, so we decided to eliminate the last contaminated specimens, the creepy’s.
But one escaped us, he must have had help..“
Gamepad Support Added (Android):
Fire TV Remote,
Fire TV Gamepad,
XBOX 360 Wireless and Wired gamepads
PS4 Dualshock 4
Steelseries Free
OUYA Gamepad
Logitech F310 (X Mode)
Game Elements Recoil
NYKO Playpad Pro
Any gamepad made for Android (Android version 4.1 or higher!)
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