Orcs Update for this Friday

Update 8.01: Tweaks and fixes
+The Doggy ability is now unlocked after defeating the Dog, so earlier and without any wood cost.(still requires the Archer)
+Enemy “Tree”: Is now also correctly damaged by the Doggy
+Enemy “Tree” Dmg and Hp decreased by -15%
+Crystal Caves Memory Mini-game now refills all broken pick axes if you clean the board.
+Orc Shaman Crystal Price increased by +100%
+Crystal Forging Color Crystal price increased from 1 to 10
+Bug fix: Flappy Orcs minigame orientation fixed
+Bug fix: Sometimes the Banner would show up for gold axe owners, fixed
+Bug fix: Crystal Caves Memory Mini-game was playable to early, fixed
+Bug fix: “Platform Login” now only triggers in the iOS version. could have led to crashes on start up
+Bug fix:Quest 11 re-made to remove a background blinking error
+Bug fix: Spear Lady had no Crystal Armor on the new island (+skin tweaks)
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Google Play AppStore:
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