Gaming Industry – How I stepped in

Welcome on my new blog!
I’m glad you found your way to this blog. I want to quickly introduce myself. I’m 28 years old. I’m working since 4 years in the gaming industry. Here a quick overview over the noteworthy pillars that lead me to my current situation.


„Grüetzi“ a brick layer from Switzerland
I was born in Switzerland Dübendorf which is a part of Zürich, I wasn’t a very bright student in school and didn’t really knew what I will do for living. My parents paid me an expensive year in Art + Media Design and another one in Informatics/Math. Feeling spoiled through the intensive financial support of my parents I decided to start working as hard as I can, in the most basic job I could get. So I became a brick layer, highly motivated I wrote almost every examine with best grades. Unfortunately you can’t fake real handwork skills, so I ended my 3 years of hard work at any weather conditions, without the final certificate because I failed in the practical end test. I decided to move on and found the Games Academy Advertising in a newspaper. I moved to Berlin quickly.

Games Academy
In Berlin I did the a brief Game Design Education at the Games Academy it took back than 1 year to finish it, I think this option is not longer available. It was kind of expensive and I’m thankful to my parents that helped me financial to follow my dream and surf on the rainbow to luck and happiness.

YAGER Development – As the young motivated Intern:
Prototyping and Pitching

I worked for YAGER Development the guys that made Spec ops the Line I was responsible for developing future potential projects. Creating Excel sheets, Game Vision Docs, High concept and Mechanics Design. Sitting in meetings and talking with people that have done that stuff for years was a challenge for someone who has not yet the complete technical jargon absorbed. It was a good learning experience and a very open creative working environment. Unfortunately I got sick with Salmonella lost the job and my former girlfriend left me. A intense down phase of my adult age happened over 6 months, I rised out of that misery by doing a lot of sports.

Young Internet – Online Worlds for Kids:
Quality Assurance and Game Design

After that I worked for Goodbeans a.k.a Young Internet which created online Worlds for Kids like Panfu and Oloko.
The working environment was not as professional as I was used with YAGER but it was extremely relaxed and I felt save in my role as an employe. I started as a Quality Assurance Manager, together with Programmers I assured the game world quality and hunted bugs and usability issues. I switched to Game Design after that and designed a few Weekly quests for the online Community and developed Features to improve the usability of the Game World.

Goodbeans – Mobile Monster RPG Game!!!!! Balancing, Content creation and Narrative Design Goodbeans switched from online gaming to the mobile market. I  designed together with my Lead Game Designer Kyle Smith, a former employe of EA Canada, a Pokemon type game for the iPhone and iPad. Called Zuko Monsters, free to play with a bunch of in app purchases and timers to overcome. Creating 100 of abilities and Monsters was a lot of fun. Also developing Xp, Monster Attribute Profile curves and monetization values.

There is also a fancy Trailer to this one:

Independent Game Designer !??! Creating Games with GameSalad, Photoshop and my Mind

So the game couldn’t save the already sinking company, which it was supposed to do.
Goodbeans former Young Internet had been shrinking from 60 employes down to the half.

The last months, where I was a part of the company, there where around 15 survivers. And I decided to quit the work position before I also get fired and with this remain in psychological positive state because of the rationalization that it was my decision.

I work now as an Independent Game Designer and create Mobile Games with the tool Gamesalad. My first released Project I will show off next. Thanks for reading!


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