Testing iAd of apple

Since today and until the first days of 2014 I run a small banner Advertising for The Sha Man, I invested 100 Dollar and I’m already looking forward to what will be the result out of this investment.
I do not really understand how  CPA and CPC work, even after I checked the definitions on wikipedia( I read rough), here the copied answeres in short form:

CPA (Cost per Action)

  • CPA = Cost to obtain a conversion

CPC (Cost per Click)

  • CPC = what you pay to get a click on your ad

Update 27.12.2013
So the campaign does not really seem to run well, I guess it has to do with the CPA to CPC setup I created. But the good thing is the money is not spend until the target actually is achieved. So I will just change the parameters if there is no big change until next year. (1.1.2014).

Update 30.12.2013
Still no big changes..

Update 13.01.2014
No real result on downloads or general attention towards „The Sha Man“, conclusion is fuck that shit.
iAd doesn’t work for me.


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