Facebook Ads – Waste of money and big harm to your product page

Don’t use Facebook Ads – It is scam
So I tried Facebook ads intensively on my first app game The Sha Man (250 euro) .
With the Sha Man Facebook page I ended up around 2100 Likes but suspicious is that my posts only get seen from around 10-40 people. With practically 0 engagement on the posts, no comments and no likes. So I checked a few of accounts and my doubts are confirmed some of them appear less human and very fake. It’s weird to become a victim of such a scam directly from Facebook itself.

It can destroy your Fan page:
Facebook decided to show some of your posts only to a slice of your actual following meaning the more fake users you have the harder it gets to actually reach real people. Very harmful to your page.

This guy sums it up:


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