We can’t ship it yet! Self-inflicted struggling

I realized that there is self created resistance against finishing and putting live a project.
Some times more, sometimes less.

You say to yourself it’s because „this is not right yet“. After a certain investment time this statement is not accurate anymore and hides a deeper inner struggle.

This struggle arrives through expectations, these arise unconsciously and start projecting identification on your work. You could argue that this is a good thing, since by becoming personal it makes you really care.

There is a dark site to this, the flip coin to the deal of total immersion.
This identification start’s creating resistance in you since you are becoming afraid it could not accurately express yourself or your talent.

This delay’s finishing it and happens mostly subconsciously, on the surface it will make you create reason’s „why“ it is not yet the time.

Exhausted from unawarely struggling with yourself and blaming the unfair conditions, you start avoidance strategies like setting new priorities and create distractions.

There is a mental grip of the pure innocent project that takes away it’s the air to breath.
What is the solution?

You might switch to something new and give it up entirely which would not be considered a solution and is you giving up. Or you force it through but lose the innocense of your project.
If you can effort the luxury you can put the project aside and take time, time to break the suppressing identification and its projected expectations.


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