My cactus: Pedro

That’s my new peyote cactus! His name is Pedro.

David Zobrist Cactus Mescalin

It’s actually a trippy cactus, causing psychedelic effects, which are used for religious purpose since a long time.
„The Native American Church (NAC) is an indigenous religion that uses the entheogen peyote (Lophophora williamsii) sacramentally to induce religious, shamanic, or spiritual experiences.“

To own it is totally legal you can buy it in normal plant shops, to consume it is totally illegal. I also heard it is a very harsh one and causes a massive hangover. So not the easiest way to role if you look for a trip.

What ever for now I only want to grow it, which takes around 1 year. I’m not sure I gonna try to eat it ever. If I try it, than in a country where its legal, obviously…

Have a nice and sunny weekend everyone!!!


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