„1“ Create a new Brand?

I kind of playing with the idea of making a series of small app games all starting with the same number „1“.
Number one reason for that is that numbers are listed top in the new list, since its alphabetical and numbers are even above. So I’m told I gonna see the result at the 28.6.2014 when my next app „1 Power“ goes live, if there aren’t any complications that apple spots out.

And I like the style I kind of developed from my learnings, simple, aesthetic and very distinguished from other apps. I mean if I look at the games section I see a small boys toy collection in digital form. Including my first titles.. this new thing is maybe my niche, a bit more mature and elegant.

I use a music track which is royalty free and marketed via the youtube Channel AudioPad.
All I have to do is to mention the song and artist in my products else your allowed to do anything with it.
Beside of the cost saving I think it’s an awesome idea too cross promote, fans of the song hear about my app and people that like my game will click on the youtube link in the app which leads them to the music artist on AudioPad on youtube.

For „1 Power“ I decided upon this track:
CLRTY – After Hours

It has the right basic ryhtm and the up and downs that perfectly serve this hectic tapping but beautiful game.

Here a small preview of the game:

1 power

Release date:
Release Platform:
iPhone Exclusive

Hammer down your taps and unleash your true power, step by step. Compete with players all over the world.

-Gameplay that will grow your biceps
-Visualy trippy
-Get caught in the hypnotizing spiral and tap wildly on a glass screen
1 power apple game tap 960 1 power game record score

Also just handed in a noter „1“ game. Called „1 Cruise“ more details about that coming this week.


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