Experiment Weekend: Salvia and Weed Trip Report

Intense Weekend! That’s a rarity because mostly they are not..
Since Amsterdam 2 months ago, we did not have any consciousness effecting substances, except coffee and sugar. It was about time! On friday I bought some cupcake mix from the supermarket and mixed some herbs, before I baked them up.
David zobrist weed cupcake

My girlfriend Karolina and me ate each a half since some friend wanted to come over to eat some cauliflower soup created by Karo. The plan was to go into the park and play some „Capture the flag“, I never heard about the game in real life. It’s a common play mode in video games tough. What ever it started to rain and we arrived way to late there.

So we went home after 20 minutes without even had ran one single time. We watched some movies, she and I had a light buzz effect of it, but nothing spectacular.

So let’s come to the interesting stuff, saturday we smoked it out of a small pipe together with another herb called Salvia.

It had a strong effect and could be compared to the first stage of a magic mushroom trip. Objects became more fluid to look at, the own voice seemed much further away from the self as usual. I was overall much deeper within me, if that makes any sense.

We decided to go jogging because we heard from joe rogan podcast that jogging in a altered state is a totally different experience. It should be very meditative and intro introperspective. So we took our shoes and the iPhone to track our performance.

I could feel every muscle and bone in my body, the breathing rhythm felt perfect. The main reason I normally stop to run is because the breathing doesn’t supply enough air to sustain the body anymore. Or in other words when I feel exhausted. But with this rhythm I felt i could run for hours, Karo was behind me and she probably had a totally different experience because normally she is very fit but she was all red and out of breath.

We both tended to lose ourselves either in too much thought or in nothingness, it seemed to be the same thing.
When we crossed streets I was super carefully so afraid I could make a mistake. In the park different areas, depending on how much sun or shadow they got, or how the form of the place or route was, the location felt dramatically different.

So overall we made 4 Kilometers which is a pretty normal result for us. But I swear I could have ran much more it felt so insightful to observe the body while this heavy performance act together with this perfect breath rhytm.

On Sunday we left away the salvia because it was pretty trippy and we wanted to have it still somewhere controllable. So we ate only 1 cupcake and went to the Zoo. This creepy reptiles.. I was making a starring contest with all animals I could find because I really wanted to check what they are all about. And these herbs let you really connect or dig deep into what you put your focus on. But mostly I got interrupted by very loud and annoying default zoo guests, which are loud hammering against the glass windows and eat their snacks like they walked a marathon today. They are not really letting a true meeting between them and the animals happen, I mean there is glass between you and the animals but still you can connect much more deeply if you really would go for it.

So I think we started with some pelicans which had a pretty chilled and back-stairing reaction. But I could definitely get their attention through it, even if  plenty of people where around.

There was this one alligator which must have got very unconfident, with me starring at him, because after a while he just stood up and hidden himself behind a rock. So looking at the eyes has a lot to do with dominance but I can’t take this entirely there has been some other communication but most simpler creatures like these lizard couldn’t stand it. Birds could.

There was this crazy bird which was defending the entry hall to this hall, it was this kind of halls with the tropic flowers and animals where you can freely walk through.
So he was peeping and I would almost saying screaming at the people entering his part. A lot of people gathered around him because he was beautiful orange and acted like he was on exctasy.

He flew right in the face of my girlfriend and scratched her lightly with his feets, she must had looked very scary to the bird. My girlfriend was just laughing, it was only a small bird, not really a threat.

The biggest connection I could build up to a bird that was one that looked like a tiger peacock, which was walking on the ground. No other people where around so I could come very close by moving slowly. I was going on my knees and created the eye to eye connection.

And the bird started to make noise towards me, I put my hand and rubbed her feathery chest. She seemed to be ok with it, not pleased but ok. She started looking hectic at me and making varies noises. It felt like the bird wanted to say me something but she couldn’t and she was even aware of it what made her sad and getting more and more hysteric. A second bird probably the male version appeared slightly behind her, he was just watching.

salvia dinorum

So I felt maybe I just scared the poor bird so I decided to move away, but in this moment where I was going away she was jumping against the fence like I’m not finished. This deep encounter felt like animals have the same basic consciousness at the root, but are much more limited through their vehicle and it’s abilities. This sounds hippy but I just write as experienced.
The switch between this intense animal kingdom back to the U-bahn was also pretty impressive, just the realization that we have developed out of this dangerous wild food chain, upwards to a totally higher level on which we have not to care about any of these predators, in the regular daily live.



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