Three points update is broken

So I am sorry I just read a lot player comments in the App Store on my newest app Three Points:

„Broken by MentalMoon Latest version doesn’t work at all.“

„Freezes by #Kevin If your app freezes uninstall the app and redownload“

„Great app, terrible update! by celab74 App is really good and the ‚less is more‘ cliche is very appropriate! However after the last update I am unable to see my previous high-score nor am I able to actually play the game, I hope this issue will be addressed swiftly.“

I invested into the issue and can’t find any reason, my best guess is that I manipulated the save array to add the new premium state. And now the game tries to load the array but the new entries confuse the old version of the game.
So it freezes right after the loading screen.

This problem should only happen to players who already had the game.
Not to new players. A really bad mistake I hope you give the game a second chance.

I will be aware of that issue in future.

Best wishes,
David Zobrist


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