Cutting down Social Media Work

So far I tried various social media channels to promote /announce my new games.
Overall I do not have the impression that most of them give back a valuable result compared to time invested to post and keep them up to date.

So I gonna cut off:
Tumbler ( 20 Followers)
Pinterest ( 85 Followers)
Facebook ( 68 Followers)

These are definitely the weakest, Facebook is specially disappointing since the reduced page reach was introduced to cash in. Facebook is useless now.

I gonna build up and maintain:
Wordpress (excellent SEO with google)
Youtube ( 90 subs)
Google + (636 connections)
Twitter (4600 followers)
Deviantart (excellent SEO with google)
IndieDB (excellent SEO with google + indie community)

I probably soon also gonna cut off some of the last once so I can focus more on games again.
All created content pages that are getting cut off will remain there but will not be updated further.


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