Money!! Money..

So this month is the first which was finically successful since I started a year ago.

And this is how it looks:

iAD Banner:
iad david


Chartboost Full Screen Advertising:

chartboost david

On top of that Sabba Keynejad and me made a deal with a guy from Calefornia which made another 2000 USD.
All Income gets split by 50% with my partner.


2 Gedanken zu “Money!! Money..

  1. Hey,
    congrats on your success. Do you do any marketing or advertising (fb ads, adsense, social media etc.) for your games other than on this blog? I looked at your portfolio of games and see that you have many really cool games in there, and I’m wondering why you don’t get any downloads on them (according to sensortower). I’m asking because I also develop games/apps and I want to get some insight into why some really good and well implemented games don’t get noticed and what the causes of that might be.
    Hope to hear from you.

    • Hey Karenz,
      thanks for the kind words.

      I think some of my games are definitely better than others.
      Marketing wise I did the most for the early games.
      Most for Sha Cat including paid banners via Admob.

      After that I didn’t do any paid stuff anymore it was all just initial downloads and then let it role out.

      I wonder if I should do a push for the top performers like:

      Top Performer:
      Three Points
      Two Points

      Peforming Ok:
      Bumpy Ball
      Ace Tennis

      Specially with a game like PewDiePug it could lead to a viral strike since it refers to the famous you tuber and has around 600 positive ratings from real users.

      So if you have any tips please shoot!

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