Orcs game update is here!

The new Orcs Update is live in the next 3 hours on Google Play!!
(7 days later on iOS and tomorrow on Amazon)

Here is what’s new:
New Features
+ Orc Shaman added that will join your Orcs in Battle and help out in a magical way. (Quest >= 27)
+ Underground Mines have opened! Gather Crystal for your new Orc Shaman. (Quest >= 27)
+ The Orc Zeppelin is now flying above your Orc Fortress, waiting to journey to new Quests beyond this island. Quests coming soon! (Quest >= 40)

Archer changes
+ New learnable Ability that summons your Doggy in Battles to deal some extra damage
+ Ability Flow is not longer under your control and is triggered by luck with a 10% Chance

Amazon changes
+ Ability Heartbeats is now called Power up and is not longer under your control, it is triggered by luck with a 10% Chance

Visual Tweaks:
+ Arena outside changed
+ Arena insight
+ Arena Menu

Bug fix:
Fixed a bug that made you pay for quests but you couldn’t play it.

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