Advertising my app with Chartboost

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.19.20
Some update its good but I really wanna see if i can reach the cpi of 0.50
Also I see direct impact on charts.
The first day I did geo sweden and switzerland it even reached top 100 in sweden from being unranked before. I stopped the geo after 2 days and focused on another country, poland and the same effect reached top 100 in role playing
I think the already existing good ratings of the app make it easier to score with less downloads higher in the rankings. And it seems to consider % increase downloads to last week/days.

Geo 1 (2 days) Switzerland and Sweden
Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.21.51

Geo 2 (2 days) Poland
Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.22.52.png

Chartboost Advertising my App via CPI

GOAL: Drive installs to Orcs as it is my highest ARPU game right now
So I just use this post as a small update about how my advertising test went.


CPI= Cost per Install
I pay to get a user to play my game and hope to make a profit after that fee.

ARPU= Average revenue per user
How much money your app makes on average per user.
Installs/Total Revenue within same time frame= ARPU

iOS tends to have 30% higher ARPU with my Apps compared to the android versions.
Orcs ARPU $0.24
Three Points ARPU $0.03

Steps 1:
Testing video ads:

I setup chartboost video ads to drive installs to my game.
Which works NOT with CPI but rather you pay for each completed video view.
It should be ending up cheap than CPI but of course it is not guaranteed to generate an install.

The video ads didn’t create an impression or install at all, regarding to Chartboost I just bet to less to be shown, even with raising it to $0.30 even tough it says the minimum is $0.01.
Also they kept referring that an install right now costs around $2.50 instead telling me why my impression NO CPI campaign doesn’t start rolling.

Also started testing it with $0.50
No installs generated or paid.

Steps: 2
Testing Interstital pop up ads:

I took the remaining $100 and created another campaign an interstitial one this time.
Bidding $0.50 for an install right now. Definitely again way above the minimum price ($0.25). But way below the suggested bid. I just wanna see if I can get a download here and there for that price range.

If that all doesn’t work I might just go big play and pay the $2.50 for an install since I did not find a way to transfer the $100 back to my main balance. And I also wonder how much impact such installs have, how much can bring me a „quality user“, would it effect my ARPU calculation or is it the same.

Steps: 3
After 1.5 days with no result I increased the CPI to $2, the suggest bid is $1.65 to $2.50 here.
Awaiting a result soon..

Your app just needs a very solid ARPU to be able to play in the league.

Key factors for having a great ARPU:
+Well selling In-apps (with solid range $1.99 to $10+)
+Re-play value or/and a lot of Content / Player Progression
+Banner ad
+Chartboost ads
+Right niche where advertiser pay more to get installs (popular section)

if you can manage to achieve $1 ARPU your already playing well.
Of course your ARPU is also effected by how popular your game is and the with it coming „meaning“/“importance“/“relevance“ which:

+increases the likely hood to sell an in-app
+increases the play sessions
+increases the value of your shown ads as they start competing to be shown in your app

Chartboost Statistics 2015 – David Zobrist Indie Mobile Game Developer

So 2.5 Years as one man Indie Mobile Game Developer here is my most recent Statistic update.
I am kind of struggling for the reason that the money pretty much remained the same even tough the Downloads increased massively within the last couple months. It could be related to an overall lower eCPM or that the variety of shown ads isn’t that high at the moment so players are less likely to be interested and interact with the Ad Units. I also switched on interstitial videos instead just pop ups roughly in the middle of the year which co-created the newest highest peak of around $250 in one Day mostly 85% by the game Orcs. A number I would have liked to see more often 😛 But still it felt pretty exciting.

The Daily New Installs / New Players
A lot of them go to the Game PewDiePug which unfortunately isn’t the one with the highest ARPU.
David Zobrist mobile new installs 2015

The actually daily Money generated through the Chartboost interstitial pop ups and videos
David Zobrist Money Daily

Since I assumed the videos my reduce the amount of Boot ups since they are so hardly annoyed and this could be another reason for the not linearly rising daily income. But it isn’t also the Boot up look good compared to new Installs and history.
David Zobrist boot ups 2015

Gamesalad supports now adMob Banner Ads – What does that mean? Money!

So far all my almost 40 gaming apps had no banner advertising on android while having iAD Banners for the iOS Versions.
Each month iAD Banners on iOS generated around 200 to 300 Euro but on Android nothing came from Banners only from interstitial Pop ups served by Chartboost (main revenue stream).
So I was missing out on roughly 50% of what I could earn with Banner ads, Gamesalad now launched their new update today added the option to add these Admob Banners for the Android Versions of the game.

As you can imagine im hammering out the android updates of my top performing 6 apps as fast as I can now to get that money rolling. Cant wait to see the first results 🙂
I like money.