Gamesalad supports now adMob Banner Ads – What does that mean? Money!

So far all my almost 40 gaming apps had no banner advertising on android while having iAD Banners for the iOS Versions.
Each month iAD Banners on iOS generated around 200 to 300 Euro but on Android nothing came from Banners only from interstitial Pop ups served by Chartboost (main revenue stream).
So I was missing out on roughly 50% of what I could earn with Banner ads, Gamesalad now launched their new update today added the option to add these Admob Banners for the Android Versions of the game.

As you can imagine im hammering out the android updates of my top performing 6 apps as fast as I can now to get that money rolling. Cant wait to see the first results 🙂
I like money.


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