Indie Full price Game – With no History or Fan Base = 0 Chance

Hey guys.
Here a Statistic directly out of my iTunes Connect Account showing the Amount of Downloads.
Note this is my Release Week.

In total around 30 Downloads. 18 Paid 12 through Promo Codes (for free).

Conclusion: Thats pretty poor but nice too know. So what can I learn here…

Theres a few Reason I can come up with:

1.) 250 Games get released per Day accordingly a statistic from October this Year.
Specialy as close to Christmas as now their are much more Releases as normal. All kind of Marketing Channels are affected through that, since they have an Overload on Work to do and are more likely to ignore the little Indie Developers Apps.

2.) The Name „The Sha Man“ auto-corrects to „The aha man“ and is a pain in the Ass to search for.
Additionally this removes the random Chance to get found since it will always auto-correct them away from my App. Something to check before the next App.

3.) I did start with the Marketing too late. I basically started with it on the release Day, definitely to late. If possible I will try to achieve a little hype before my next App.

4.) The Price. The pure Fact that it has one, seem to be a no go. There is no more Chance to sell Full Price Apps without having a Fan base behind you that waits for it. People want them Free and Pay a lot of Money for In-App purchases. That’s nothing new, I knew it but didn’t put this Business-model into Place because I wanted my first Title to be as easy to publish as possible. To learn about the whole Process first.

Result: Since Players can’t try and they don’t know the Brand it will be coldly ignored by the Users. The next Game will be free to play with in-app purchases so I get at least more Downloads and reach a bigger Audience before I block my Content by Prices.

Have a nice Weekend everyone!


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