Flappy Bird and its shitty copies

Flappy Bird is a Mobile game made by one developer in a few days, it breaks all download records and does a lot of money. Lucky Guy and he deserves it.

But same as with Angry Birds or Cut the rope an army of clone copies arrive behind, to get a piece of the cake. Calling their games „tribute’s“.

They aren’t a „tribute“ or how ever you phrase it. It is an attempt to get at least a small portion of the success – finical success. Such success stories, like flappy bird, are a double bladed sword. On one side the game loving but insecure developer get’s motivation and an idol. On the other side we have a bunch of guys just trying to make some money by copying popular titles, flooding the game market with crap copy attempts, or „tributes“.

This creates a layer of shit in the App Store, through this layer every unique self crafted title has to break through and it becomes more and more impossible because so many people are „tributing“.


2 Gedanken zu “Flappy Bird and its shitty copies

  1. Its sickening to think that there are people out there, just waiting like vultures for the next success to be released, and then instantly hiring some developers to copy cat it. They just want to get a piece of the pie, but its a pie that they don’t deserve. I’m trying to make a game with my brother and you Dave and its my worst fear that if people like it, we’re going to see in about 1 or 2 weeks clone copies where people copy paste the levels and just swap out the main characters for whatever. This certainly gives the game world a bad name and leaves honest, creative developers with a bad aftertaste in the mouth.

    • Exactly. Just leave a success be a success and try to create a new „expression“ instead re-expressing the same over and over again.

      Damn the original developer has created a big wave, respect to that.

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