Impossible Rush – Three Points

So a month ago I created this app called Three Points with Sabba Keynejad. It reached 330.000 Downloads and reached the top ten in the puzzle category in many countries. We also created Four Points, Five Points and Six Points of the same series. Since we both didn’t knew much about monetization, we did not make reasonable money. But we were happy to see that we can do it.


Since the Chartboost Full Screen Ads are in,  some „ok“ money started to flow into the cash box, we just put it in far to late.

What ever back then a guy from Calefornia contact us, his name was Carlos Fajardo.
He told us he wants to buy the app or a copy of it. So Sabba and me made him a copy directly on his apple account for 2000 usd.

Since we didn’t went all to profitable out of our success title this offer was more than welcome.
He told us that he will get another version in native code since there were limitations because I use gamesalad to create my games. This tool does not enable to use third party SDK’s, which he required for his plan to conquer the app store. Which he was pretty sure about, he seemed to have the tools. It’s now about one month later and I just read this article on the popular page „Business Insider“.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 08.24.21

So he got a version of four points made by two 15 year old boy called Ben Pasternak for 200 USD and called it Impossible Rush.

Ben contacted me via Twitter, he straightened out everything. Which is cool since I initially also thought he might have been just a clever marketing trick, but he really exists. It iss a nice motivation boost for a young person to have such a success and this is a beautiful thing. So no anger on my side.

„A 15-year old Australian kid was so bored in a science class one day he coded an app, with the help of another teenager in the US, that took over Vine and Tinder in the US app charts.“

It’s impressive how Carlos did this and I hope to also get more attention on Three Points due the current hype of these type of games, which I by the way came up with..


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