3 years working from home

Crazy how this time went by.
3 years ago I started to work form home with my macbook to create one app after another.
I got some big highs and deep lows emotionally as well as statistically.
Worked with some great people and explored a lot of myself with my work.
Around 46 app I have launched in this time, 12 of them are still live.
Selecting and investing more time in the „winner apps“.

I often though about how much easier it would be to go to a regular job, rather than lifting the self created burden of deciding where to go and constantly dealing with the voices in my head.

Let’s see how much longer the universe wants to give to me, to keep on going.
I love creating games and my ego is more and more transcending with every failed app, every heartbreak as I put my heart into every app. Every bitter month that makes my revenue sink to the bottom. Barely making it enough to pay all my monthly bills.

Than there are the other months were it shoots to peaks letting me levitate on clouds.
When the world becomes so light..
The big breakthrough has yet to come.

Lets see, lets see..
David Zobrist


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