Orcs Update 7.0


Orcs End Game Update 1/3:
+The Zeppelin now has a requirement list. Before it can.. fly to a new place!!
+Arena challenger “red orc” a.k.a “Jon” has been replaced by a Training puppet.
+Arena has now only 3 lvl’s and then becomes “finished”.
+The Warrior, Spear Lady and Archer now have a max. lvl of 60.
+The Shaman has a now a max. lvl of 10.
+Crystal mining has a limit of 50.
+Crystal Capacity got merged with the Shaman lvl.
+Changed prices for the last Orc House Parts.
+The Shaman now enables you to see the health % of enemies.
+The Mail box now enables to tweet about the game.
+Minor Bug fixes and improvements.

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