Orcs 8.0

Orcs update crystal mines 8
Update 8.00: Crystal Forge

+Orc Smith in form of a permanent mini game added. Forge your colourful Crystals into powerful Weapon Upgrades by mastering this Mini-game.

+Crystal Spear and Armor craft-ables added

+The Orc Archer gets a new ability at Level >=32. A successfully landed Arrow gives a time window of 1.4 seconds to trigger two extra 100% arrow hits.

+Shield Throw bleeding stacks are now displayed, you can now also add more stacks.

+Sound: Shield throw impacts got a stronger sound now

+Bug fix(visual): Bleeding effect fixed on Crystal Spider Enemies

+Bug fix: Blinking background in quest 10 fixed (11 still has it..)

+Bug fix: Spear Lady’s “Power up” % chance was incorrect. Corrected.

+Golden Axe purchase pop up added to the Crystal Mines

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